I want to involve the audience, to have you see yourself, or a special moment through the expressions captured in the portraits. Or to hunt back in your memory to that special place and time…to remember when… by visiting my wonky buildings.  

I hope that the abstracts and textured works elicit feelings perhaps more than a memory . To have you want to touch and experience what is happening on the canvas. To pause. To reflect.

My paintings are held by private collectors in Ontario, Quebec, and the USA.


Upcoming Shows:

2016                             Mochaberry Coffee Shop, Orangeville. (Thank you Troy for your support, your great home roasted coffee!)

January – February 2016           Orangeville Theatre showing Kame & Kettle Artists’ works

January – February 2016           Shelburne Tipling Theatre lobby

April 9th, 2016                            Kingsway-Lambton United Church Art Show & Sale

June 4 – 19, 2016                        Double Door Studios and Gallery

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Working ‘Plein Air’ in Italy and here, was an opportunity for me to immerse myself in the grandness of the light and the magnificence of the landscape.  Then, back to the studio to translate it all into my language of abstract. And of course my love of wonky!


I try to capture a feeling, an experience in my work. I love texture and the idea of touching art – touching it either with your fingers or just your eyes and working out how it makes you feel or just enjoying it! Maybe deep down I want to be doing sculptures!


Sometimes in a really busy world, with all that’s going on, it’s a relief to be able to block it out and try to “see” the quiet.  This is what design does for me. The shape and the truth of the line that makes it up.

You can use your imagination to fill in colour… or not.


This series of portraits is intended to capture… someone, anyone, you and me; but just as importantly, to reflect a feeling. These feelings, these snapshots in life are universal, be it the hand smack to the forehead, the disbelief of something forgotten, or the ‘skeptic’ waiting for the story you are about to be told…by a child, a partner.