Celebration of the Arts

I am honoured to have been nominated for Established Artist of the Year,

Arts & Culture, Orangeville.

The Arts and Culture Committee partners with key stakeholders to increase the overall level of arts activity in Orangeville; supports major arts and culture events in Town, supports growth and development of new and emerging young artists, supports and promotes existing arts and culture initiatives, and provides a forum for ideas to make Orangeville a vibrant centre and destination.

In recognition of the growing importance of arts and culture initiatives to Orangeville’s economy, the Town of Orangeville has developed a Cultural Plan that will solidify Orangeville as a vibrant hub and destination for arts and culture.

The Committee also recognizes the contribution that arts and culture provides to the community through the organization of an annual Arts and Culture Awards event. This year a Reception and Ceremony was held at the Opera House, September 28th.

Thank you to the person that nominated me, it a privilege to have made the list! I stand with some very talented professionals in the Arts.

Congratulations to all the winners. They are listed here.

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