Dufferin Arts Council Luncheon Feb 6, 2018.

As one of the recipients of the DAC/Reed Cooper Bursary I  will be giving a very brief talk about what my project is for 2018, at the DAC  luncheon February 6th…

I have been working on a body of work consisting of buildings and portraits done in my style of whimsical and wonky for the last few years. People say they enjoy the colour, the paintings bring back memories and just make them feel good. I am now taking this theme and applying it to painting buildings, people specifically of the Dufferin County  – past and present;  people that make a difference, that may be a politician, active citizen or the person that serves me my coffee.

  •  I will be working on the paintings and drawings, and showcasing my new works for this project in my studio space at Dragonfly in downtown Orangeville. Please stop by and visit!
  • I also will be conducting a 3 day workshop at Maggiolly’s Art Store in Orangeville –  “WHIMSICAL CITIES AND PEOPLE
  • I will be contributing a percentage of my income from the workshop to the DAC Artists In The Schools program. And advertising that to create more awareness of the program and to personally do what I can to support it.
  • Joan Hope of Dragonfly Arts on Broadway has graciously welcomed the idea of hosting a Soiree in the Fall to showcase the progression and works of this project. Stay tuned for more details! 

    My hope is that this project will create more awareness of the area. Increase revenue for local businesses and give those attending the workshop more tools to develop their skills. To create more awareness of the DAC Artists In The Schools program and the need for funding to keep all arts alive in our schools.

    I am very excited about this opportunity and thank DAC and the Reed T Cooper Bursary Foundation for their support and this recognition.

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