Imagination… heart… wild abandon!

Last week I was asked to describe what it was like working with young children in the art classroom.

Where does one begin? There is the joy of being a witness to all that energy and enthusiasm. Watching the freedom, the lack of concern for what others may think. The pure abandonment and sheer delight they take in mark making. Did I mention energy?!

Also there is the wonderful stories that they tell through their art. The imagination they have is incredible, and shows no limits or restrictions…. anything and everything is possible!

I also am fortunate to have a young artist living next door. She is a dancer as well as a painter. If I do not see her doing tumbles in the front yard there is a good chance she is busy creating her art. She shows great imagination in her composition and is not afraid to tackle the “harder” stuff like portraits. Braver than several adult artists I know! I am the recipient of a few of her works, they hold places of honour in my studio. To enjoy, but also to remind me of the courage and confidence she shows.

I am about to enter into a seven day paint week with a group of artists. I am hoping to use the time to experiment,  to just enjoy putting paint to canvas or paper and see what happens. I shall try to hold onto the images of these young artists,  their wild abandonment, lack of fear,  as I try to play!

Stay tuned!

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