more people popping up in the studio…

For you 1

I am thinking that this is enough of the bones of the piece. I am enjoying this composition with the body back in the scene and the hand and glass coming out at you. Something different.

It always fascinates me how the background base colour impacts the colours I add.

For You 2


Well we have gotten rid of the shadow across the face, more to the mouth, and added some life.

The nails need to change, while I like that they draw your attention, me thinks it’s too much… need to think about what to dow with the background. Feel it needs something, but not to take away with or compete with the character!

Also need to add some texture, mark making drawing on top of the paint.




Here is the finished piece. I think the background adds enough to the composition. The viewer can read it well enough. Have added mark making, more details to the fingers and a fresh manicure! Introducing “For You”

For You

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