On a lighter note…but very serious…

As some of you know, we have this wonderful creature in our lives who is a certified Therapy dog, Mackenzie King, Mac to his friends. Mac has been doing the circuit lately, in addition to his regular work, (working with seniors at the retirement residence, and children at the library) he went to Rotary last week and this week he visited 19 Grade 1 students!!

Here is a picture of us with some of the wonderful children reading to Mac. (Paws to Read program in schools and libraries. Click TPOC ).

We had a blast! Mac was a little shell shocked with 19 swarming loving little people…and one teacher. But is was all good.

Grade1 -2

TPOC’s motto is “Paws with love to share”. It couldn’t be truer.

Well it gets better!!

Mac and I got a wonderful card yesterday from the kids. And what better way to say thank you than by them doing paintings for Mac and I.

So here are some of today’s budding artists. What can be better than a gift from the heart?

                                          Mac card3

Thank you Mrs.G and a big paw five to all the children.


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