A time for remembering and celebrating…

It has been a very busy Spring and I had high expectations for great results. I had been working very hard, I thought, for the last 6-8 months to create work for two shows. One show went okay, not as good as the year before, but well. The other show was a big zero, a huge disappointment.

Now that I have had a chance to put some space between them and to reflect I realize that I lost track of some very important things. For instance, the joy of painting with fellow artists, critiquing the work with a great  group of people. The fun of creating. But most important the moments when people come by to show pictures of where you are hanging in their home, or sending you emails with pictures showing the perfect spot they found and how well it looks there! The comments of how passing my hanging work everyday brings a smile to their face. That’s the true magic! And for that I am very grateful and thank you. Your words and pictures mean a great deal.

We are camping right now in the Atlantic provinces and enjoying meeting a variety of people from various locales.

We spent some time in Moncton at the Memorial statue for the 3 RCMP officers that were gunned down about two years ago. What was so touching was the base of each of the statues of the men. They were imprinted with memories from their lives. The three ballerina slippers, one for each daughter he leaves behind, the ribbon from a special race he ran, the foot print of that special dog, and family footprints of them all walking together. It was a sobering reminder of what was not to be for these three young men and their families.

Monument Moncton copy

You can read more about the statue and the artist here.

We will be fortunate enough to be in PEI during Canada Day, what better place to be than in the home of Confederation? Well maybe with family and friends, but we will be thinking of you and toast you all!

Whether you are celebrating July 1st, or July 4th, enjoy the day and celebrate with family and loved ones the freedom that we are so fortunate to have.

All the best.

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