Residency & tomorrow…

I was accepted for a week long residency, in June, at the Spark Box Studio in Picton, Ontario!

I got to spend 7 days with another painter, a painter/writer, print maker, and the two directors of the Studio, Chrissy and Kyle.

This was an opportunity to work without any interruptions, to talk and learn from others, to spend some time with Chrissy discussing my work and the direction I may be going in. The objective was to paint and explore, with no intention of having a finished product.

Chrissy asked me the same question I was asked by a teacher about 10 years ago…why am I fighting with what I enjoy doing? Continue with what brings me joy and see where it goes.

I have come away with an ability to explore and just paint, and I am trying hard not to slip back into considering the end product.  I will be continuing with what I enjoy doing- my wonky scenes, mainly interior.  Let’s play it out and see where it leads.

My critique group says that the work I did while away is different, it is perhaps a bit more abstract and looser… will see if that continues. It’s really hard to break old habits.

We shall see!

Here is some of what I was up to…





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