Steps along the way…sidewalk in Shelburne

So I have been dabbling with my new project of doing places and people in Dufferin County…

I took the new rescue pup out for some training and stopped at our local bakery and coffee place in town for a well earned cafe latte (for me).

Took a sketch of the street – and brought it home to play with.

Here are some of the steps along the way. Hope you enjoy.



Love the idea of using an “active ground”(another painting as the base).

Although sometimes it’s a test to make out your marks!


More body, and sketching and blocking in shadow possibilities.


Thinking of doing something crazy like flowers on the table. More colouring. Ditch the flowers!


Get rid of all the signs on the left, change sidewalk board to less distracting. and get rid of green for teal.


Better me thinks but sandwich board now too much, again!

blog7Pop one of the chairs, and awning, add wine class and dilute the board with writing. And some more tidbits of colour.

I think we may be done…you?


P.S. Here’s the side kick…tail in the gutter it’s so long…


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