the process…

We have a show going on at the Gallery at the Alton Mill, until November 15th. One of the highlights of the show, our visitors tell us, is the pictographic history that we have on display. Each artist took one piece of work and photographed it in various stages from start to almost done, with the actual finished piece on display.

I have also received emails from some of you asking how I got to the end product, or telling me how much you enjoy the “works in progress” section.

So here is an example of another piece just completed – “eggs gettin’ cold”

I wanted to work on the idea that nothing needs to be seen in 3D proportions to create interest. And I am also still enjoying creating a form of ‘wonky’.

1        2 Draw kitchen scene on top of pre-existing backdrop. Then hard to keep track, so time to block in colour!

3            4Add some ‘Matisse-like’ curtains…

Then I changed the view from one room, to two. Made the wall in the other room stripes, maybe a window, a picture. Have pattern falling off flat tablecloth. Add patterns to the floor and the upper walls to create movement, but lock you in with string line off shelf. Hoping you travel around the painting, with these ‘points’, rather than leaving.

Do not put all the shelf in back,  make shaker come thru the glass jar top. To add to the wonky, dimension struggle.

Darken parts of the chair, interrupt the stripes in wallpaper, add more colour to spatula. Enlarge shapes of floor and alter colours more. And here is the ‘finished’ work…

eggs gettin' cold 36X48 web

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