Darlene Hassall


Seeing Beneath & Beyond

Sharing how I see the world and bringing joy to the viewer

The simple everyday becomes transformed in my world. 

I see things differently, that’s what I want to show. I want to cause the viewer to pause and reflect. To consider that there may be another way to look at something. 

I want to capture a memory, to evoke the feelings we have when we remember those experiences or moments in life. To use colour to create fun, a good feeling.

For some, I start with a portrait painting or a scene of buildings. I imagine what it would look like in my world – to see the beneath which is the universal feelings that it creates, – the beyond is my vision, my world of design, my play with how things sit in gravity and bold colour.

I want the viewer to stop and take another look. To laugh, or smile and say I have been there, where is that? It is anywhere you want it to be. It is whomever it reminds you of.

I love to have people visit my art studio – in Shelburne, or

at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville.

Please call me to set up a time.

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Upcoming Events

The Pelham Art Festival May 2021

The Pelham Art Festival May 2021

What an honour to have been accepted for the  Pelham Art Festival 2021 Unfortunately the LIVE Show has been cancelled again...

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