Darlene Hassall


Seeing Beneath & Beyond

Sharing how I see the world and bringing joy to the viewer

The simple everyday becomes transformed in my world. 

I see things differently, that’s what I want to show. I want to cause the viewer to pause and reflect. To consider that there may be another way to look at something. 

I want to capture a memory, to evoke the feelings we have when we remember those experiences or moments in life. To use colour to create fun, a good feeling.

For some, I start with a portrait painting or a scene of buildings. I imagine what it would look like in my world – to see the beneath which is the universal feelings that it creates, – the beyond is my vision, my world of design, my play with how things sit in gravity and bold colour.

I want the viewer to stop and take another look. To laugh, or smile and say I have been there, where is that? It is anywhere you want it to be. It is whomever it reminds you of.

I love to have people visit my art studio – in Shelburne, or

at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville.

Please call me to set up a time.

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