William E Vaughn was an American columnist and author well known for his folksy aphorisms.
This one, written many many  years ago, may just some how sum up how most of us are feeling about 2020.

Not to wish time on…. but don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

My art work prices will be adjusted in 2021.

I postponed adjusting my prices in 2020 because, well I felt there was enough going on. Life was difficult for many. I wanted to give new buyers the opportunity to start collecting art, during trying times.

However the cost of equipment, oil paints, canvas, rent of studio space, etc. continues to rise. My works are priced below market. These factors have created a need for a price increase.


Because you’ve been such a valuable supporter, I want to offer my work to you at current prices until the end of January. 

All of my works on the web now show size, media and current pricing. The prices will be increased on the web January 15th. If you see something you want to purchase after that, please contact me and I will give you the current price.


My Mother…
… Me


36″ X 24″
Oil on Canvas




36″ X 24″
Oil on Canvas


Hopes for … Upcoming Spring Events 

Teaching again at Maggiolly’s Art Supplies, Orangeville –

April 27 & 28th, 2021
    Click Here for more details.

I continue to enjoy my studio space at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville.

Please contact me if you are going to be in the area, as I am not there everyday…  would love to see you!

I have been accepted into the Pelham Arts Festival,
The Pelham Art Festival is pleased to announce a theme for the 2021 Festival entitled Our Planet, Our Future
Click here for more information.

May 2021 prove to be a kinder, gentler world.
May we hold onto the lessons learned in 2020.

Hope to see you soon!
Stay safe, stay well.

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