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Artist Showcase

I am thrilled, delighted,
over the moon,
to be featured in this
August publication!!

A new home.

Sarah and Chris visited on a few occasions, narrowed it down and decided this was the one for them! Making an investment in art takes time, you want to make sure you love it!

Sarah is seen with me, Chris is taking the picture and holding the frame they bought to house it.

Thank you you both, enjoy!

Drop in anytime for a visit. Look forward to seeing you again.
And good luck with your studies!

You never know!

I took an on-line course of cold wax and oil with Melinda Cootsona. A wonderful artist and generous teacher.  I am using cold wax as a medium in my oil works.

Many layers are developed to create ‘history’ and depth to the work. I then started to palette knife an abstract figure onto that surface. (I have used a green liner to show you where the figure started to take shape).

I spent some time sitting back and looking at it. I also turned it in several directions to see how well the composition worked and to see what else might be there. Well I saw something… with some adding and taking away, the fellow on the right is what emerged!

“Hatched” is 18″X18″ on canvas and can be seen on my website, or 

This wonderful couple, Natalie and Angelo, came visiting at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway and headed straight towards this work. I LOVE when someone is immediately drawn to a piece! It’s great to connect with people in that way. 

We had a wonderful time. They arranged to come back to see some specific pieces. We had a private showing and two more portraits went home with them!!

What a wonderful time I had discussing my works and the stories behind each, with such a lovely couple! They even FaceTimed their daughter to have her share and comment on the works! (A budding artist in her own right).

Thank you.

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