As time moves on, so I hope, does my collection of works for your viewing pleasure. Hence the birth of the Archives Gallery!

This will be a place to relocate some  pieces from other Galleries to make room for newer work.

Try Me… I’m Listening

24″ X 18″ Acrylic, oil stick $425 ©Darlene Hassall

You Did What?!

22″ X 28″ Acrylic, oil stick $500 ©Darlene Hassall

Path Less Paved 3

36″ X 16″ Acrylic $550             ©Darlene Hassall
darlene hassall, artist, abstract art, semi representational

A Face in the Crowd

28.5″ X 40.5″ Framed Acrylic, Gouache on Bristol Board paper $600 ©Darlene Hassall

Path Less Paved 4

36″ X 16″ Acrylic $550             ©Darlene Hassall

Feeling Blue

36″ X 18″ Acrylic $500             ©Darlene Hassall

Path Less Paved 2

36″ X 16″ Acrylic $550                 ©Darlene Hassall

Italian Landscape

30″ X 24″ Mixed Media $700 ©Darlene Hassall
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