This series of portraits is intended to capture… someone, anyone, you and me; but just as importantly, to reflect a feeling.
These feelings, these snapshots in life are universal, be it the hand smack to the forehead, the disbelief of something forgotten, or the ‘skeptic’ waiting for the story you are about to be told…by a child, a partner.
Life are these moments, like the tin can and the piece of string, these portraits start the story of the expression and emotions, we will each add our part to where it goes from there.
Some of the new works here are part of a series called – “Diary of our New Normal”.
Picasso Modigliani darlene hassall wonky portraits

Rock My Baby

(Picasso meets Modigliani)

24″ X 12″ Oil, Acrylic $525 ©Darlene Hassall


18″ X 18″ Oil $600 ©Darlene Hassall

(Inspired by “Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear by Van Gogh)

Witness (Covid Faces Series)

36″ X 24″ Oil, Acrylic $1,600 ©Darlene Hassall


30″ X 18″ Oil, Mixed Media $900 ©Darlene Hassall

Torn to Pieces with Love

36″ X 24″ Collage, acrylic $1,000 ©Darlene Hassall
abstract portait

Those That Surround Us

48″ X 36″ Acrylic $1,700 ©Darlene Hassall
portraits, nudes, abstract art modigliani picasso

Not Going Anywhere

36″ X 24″ Oil $1,600 ©Darlene Hassall

Holding your Hearts (Covid Faces Series)

36″ X 18″ Oil $1,200

 ©Darlene Hassall

Wink And A Fan

18″X 14″ Oil $465 ©Darlene Hassall

(Inspired by “Lady with a Fan” by Roslin)

World Vision

16″ X 16″ Mixed media $450 ©Darlene Hassall


24″ X 18″ Oil $800 ©Darlene Hassall

For You

30″ X 24″ Acrylic, oil stick $900 ©Darlene Hassall
Expression Portraits, Darlene Hassall

I Spy

36″ X 30″ Acrylic  $1,200           ©Darlene Hassall

Us, The Homeless? (Covid Faces Series)

36″ X 30″ Oil $1,900              ©Darlene Hassall


30” X 36” Oil $1,995 ©Darlene Hassall


24” X 30” Oil $1,250 ©Darlene Hassall

(Inspired by Egon Schiele self portrait)

Missing You

24″ X 18″ Mixed media $450 ©Darlene Hassall

Can’t Do a Thing with my Hair

30″ X 24″ Oil, Mixed media $1,200  ©Darlene Hassall


24″ X 18″ Oil, Mixed media $800 ©Darlene Hassall

Study in Flowers

36″ X 30″ Acrylic, oil stick on canvas $ 1,250 ©Darlene Hassall
Expression Portraits, Darlene Hassall

Ginger    (with tatoo)

24″ X 12″Oil  $525                   ©Darlene Hassall
(Inspired by “Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne”” by Modigliani)
Figurative, cold wax and oil


18″ X 18″ Oil, cold wax  $600     ©Darlene Hassall

Madame Pomp

24″ X 18″ Oil, acrylic $800     ©Darlene Hassall
(Inspired by “Madam Pompadour” by Modigliani)

Mirror Mirror

18″ X 18″ Oil, Mixed media $600 ©Darlene Hassall

I See the Truth

18″X 24″ $475 Oil, Mixed media ©Darlene Hassall

I Have Nothing to Wear

40″ X 30″ Acrylic, oil stick $1,500 ©Darlene Hassall
Pondering, Expressions Portrait, Darlene Hassall


48″ X 36″ Collage, Acrylic  $1,500 ©Darlene Hassall

Look At Me

(Picasso meets Modigliani)
24″ X 12″ Oil  $525 ©Darlene Hassall
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