I recently inherited a very empty wall in the dining room, over the buffet. I want to do a 3 canvas piece (Triptych), each panel being 48″ X 36″. Originally I thought of doing one spectacular HUGE canvas, but there are the practicalities of being able to transport, get into the car, get into the room.. so three pieces it shall be! Its going to be a still life of a dining room table, to reflect that it sits in a dining room! And maybe because I am prepping to give a wonky still life class at the end of November. I decided to do it on craft paper rather than right on the canvas, so I could play with the space and shapes more. I am pretty excited! Trying to decide if there should be a mirror in the background… but that may be too much to look at. We shall see! Interesting how my works always seem to have wine glasses somewhere close by. Here’s where we are – what do you think?
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