We have heard it everyday for the last several months, this is a new world, this is our new normal…
It is also a chance to reflect, to search, to reach and to hold those we care about close… if only in our hearts.

As I mentioned in my Spring ArtBeat, I was working on portrait paintings that reflected how I was feeling at the start of the pandemic and my reactions to the different pieces of news as it was being communicated to us.


In addition to the 12 paper works in acrylic and/or oil,(one shown above) there are four paintings in oil that are also part of the show.

Some have commented that this is quite different from what I normally paint. It is. I hesitated to show them, but I feel they are strong pieces. They are how I feel.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and look forward to your comments.

Personal Appointments – If there is a specific time that you would like to come to Dragonfly Studio to see them, please let me know and I will make sure to be there. regardless of store hours.


The reaction to the Master thru My Eyes  series has been amazing!

Some are still available and hanging out
in my studio at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville.

One of my clients had her piece framed.
But in an old fashion style frame to play
off the “master’s portrait”.
It looks terrific!!Thank you for sharing!

Always love to see pictures of where you have placed the art in your home

Thank you to all of you that reached out to me from the last ArtBeat!
It was great catching up with you.

I have occasionally shared stories of Mac’s ‘work’ as a Therapy Dog.
Sadly we said goodbye to him at the end of June.
It was an amazing journey.

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